Afterlife Visual Audio

  • Boom Festival Dance Temple Mapping
    Boom Festival 2014
  • Electronic Dome Rocking the Daisies 2014
    LED Pixel Mapping
  • JB Met 2013 Pre Party
    Video Mapping with Mesh Dancers
  • Map This Map That Part 3
    Part 3 - more of the Outdoor Festival Circuit
  • Map This Map That part 2
    Indoor & Outdoor Events - projection & LED mapping
  • Origin 2012
    Stage Design by Artescape, Visual Mapping and Animation by Afterlife
  • Earthdance 2011 Origin Stage
    Stage Design and Lighting by Artescape. Visual Mapping, animation and live VJ by Afterlife
  • Love and Light
    Featuring Perfect Stranger with Afterlife Visuals
  • J and B Met Fedde Le Grand
    J and B Met Official After Party